• Success Story

    Johnathan “Fatal1ty” Wendel started his professional gaming career in 1999 by entering the Cyberathlete Professional League (CPL) tournament in Dallas and won $4,000 for placing third. Since then Fatal1ty has traveled the globe to compete against the best in the world and capped his unprecedented accomplishments by capturing first place at the CPL World Tour Finals in 2005 and winning the $150,000 prize. Winning this title in the game “PainkilleR” gave Fatal1ty his 12th World Championship in 5 different games, a feat never before accomplished.

    Performance built products… Johnathan feels that gaming competition is improved with the use of superior gaming equipment. The Fatal1ty Brand creates products that enhance the gaming experience for all. Fatal1ty brand products are not simply products endorsed by him, but instead are built from the “ground up” to insure that their uniqueness and functionality will improve HIS gaming performance and, by extension, improve that of all others. As the lifestyle of gamers becomes a more prominent part of our culture, the Fatal1ty Brand will continue to represent high quality among a growing range of products that addresses this fast growing demographic.

    Through the success of licensing, Fatal1ty Brand products are marketed, promoted and distributed throughout the world.

    Taking a great idea and implementing it into a finished product for a global market is something we’re really good at. Illuminating a computer keyboard was a new concept that prompted the question, “Why did it take so long”? When this concept was first presented to Auravision we immediately recognized the functional value. The fact that it also looked extra cool was a bonus.

    Utilizing a depth of marketing and sales experience, Auravision introduced the first illuminated keyboard and branded the technology EluminX. Initial success of this exciting new product bred a host of copycats, but customers embraced the quality of EluminX, which led to success beyond which the inventor had ever imagined.

    Today, this original idea is offered in keyboards from a broad range of companies, but Auravision did it first!