• About

    As a boutique brand building and licensing company Auravision is focused on structuring brands that fill a niche in a global marketplace. At Auravision, quality always triumphs over quantity. Our goal is to nurture each brand we undertake so that it becomes a major player in its unique market segment, not to add a long list of brands to our portfolio in an attempt to exaggerate our importance. That catalog of logos you see on many companies’ portfolio pages often represent only “notches in a belt”, not necessarily successful campaigns.

    If you’re looking for a company to provide the personal attention necessary to create a solid foundation under your brand for the long haul, dedicated people at Auravision are prepared to show you the way.

    Mission Statement

    Auravision is dedicated to the global development of lifestyle brands. To achieve the highest possible standards in everything we do, our number one priority and commitment is to offer, at all times, world class services which enable our clients to increase their brand exposure and exceed sales targets.

    The Team

    A diverse collection of talent makes up Team Auravision, culminating in a dynamic group fully capable of taking worthy brands to unexpected heights. Knowledgeable personnel in PR, marketing, event & sponsorship management, video production, web, graphics and business development are poised to launch valuable, but under recognized trademarks, to the highest level from previously unrealized success.

    Auravision’s years of combined experience in the creation, licensing and marketing of global brands can be leveraged to duplicate previous successes for up and coming companies with exciting products that address customers of today’s lifestyle.